Magic Hands Horseworks Hoof Hand and Ting Spray


Now every horseperson can give their horse a treatment to boost the overall health and wellness of your horse. Apply to your fingers, let horse smell from each nostril. Then apply slowly and lightly to the sensitive inside of their ears and apply 360º around the whole coronet band of all four hooves. It helps to balance all the energy meridians in about 21 minutes.

Hoof, Hand Ting spray

We have recently combined Essential Oils with Trace Minerals to formulate an amazing blend to use on your horse.

Here’s what you can do with Hoof, Hand and Ting Spray:

1) Apply to the frog and sole of the hoof and apply to hands and rub into the outside of the hoof wall and especially the coronet band. It starts to help balance the acupressure meridians as well. This is also replacing the hoof soak recipe! The horses love it!

2) Can apply to any other meridian points you feel are blocked on you or the horse.

3) Can clean your hands with it as the oils act as anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial as well.

4) A friend fell off his bike scraped and banged his elbow-heat, swelling and we sprayed it on. All the heat and swelling gone next day!

Simply add the concentrate to 1/2 gallon (or 2 Liters) of water and use in normal spray bottles.

Mix with two litres of filtered water apply liberally to open wounds, and your horses hoof wall, soles and frogs.

Trace minerals
Doterra essential oils



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