Equine Cranio Sacral Therapy DVD – April Battles


If your horse has ever banged its head, fallen, or pulled back when tied at some time in their life it could cause the Cranial bones to shift (Google Equine Cranial Sacral). When a horse “pulls back” while tied to a solid fixture, the halter applies a thousands of pounds of pressure to the top of the head while the horse is struggling to free itself. Years later the horse might come up with mysterious issues that can be found on the Equine Cranial pages. Head tossing, spooking, allergies, auto immune and more are signals of this impact. You may want to Google what Cranial Sacral does for humans as well. This DVD (formerly “Horses With Headaches”) helps you learn energy hand holds for Cranial Sacral releases that has proven to help my two horses, as well as hundreds of others all over this planet.

Energy handholds to help the horse release Cranial Sacral issues

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